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Rail Explorers Tour

No Longer Available

A rail explorer is a pedal powered vehicle that rides on railroad tracks. They have four steel wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, pedals for each seat, and are comfortable, fun and easy to ride. Although the rail explorers require pedaling, the magic of steel wheels on steel rails makes the experience very different from riding a bicycle. There is no need to steer and riding is hands free - making it easy to take photographs as you roll along. Rail explorers are available in double (2) or quad (4) seats. Shuttle service to/from provided.

90 minutes. Meet in the hotel lobby at 2:30pm for 3:00pm tour (check-in with Rail Explorers at 2:45).

Please note: Riders must be able to get on and off bikes. Comfortable, close-toed shoes are required.

Can be ridden rain or shine (umbrellas or ponchos provided if there is rain). 

Registration ends Friday, June 9 at 12:00 PM Eastern.  We will not be able to fulfill any requests to participate after that time.

Price: $85
No longer available