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Breakers & Beneath the Breakers Tour

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Designed by the legendary architect Richard Morris Hunt, The Breakers mansion is Newport's most palatial summer residence. Built from 1893-1895, at a cost of $7 million (equivalent to over $150M today), this National Historic Landmark was the summer home of Cornelius Vanderbuilt II. In addition to exploring the mansion, Copyright Society guests will get a private tour of the underground tunnel, boiler room and basement of The Breakers! You'll see and learn about the development of electricity and how it changed the Gilded Age, plus what it took to operate the 70-room mansion.

Please note: This is an underground experience and you will pass through enclosed spaces. The Beneath the Breakers tour is not handicap accessible. Comfortable, flat shoes are recommended.

12 Person Limit.

Price: $55
Sold Out