Supreme Court Of Canada Considers The Making Available Right

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Supreme Court of Canada Considers the Making Available Right

Six Copyright Society members—Casey Chisick, Eric Mayzel, Jay Kerr-Wilson, Stacey Smydo, Michael Shortt, and Jessica Zagar—appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada on January 18, 2022, in SOCAN v. Entertainment Software Association, a pivotal appeal that will determine the scope of protection under Canadian copyright law for works made available on demand.

Casey and Eric represented SOCAN, Canada’s largest copyright collective society and one of two appellants in the case, while Jay, Michael, and Stacey represented a group of respondents consisting of the Entertainment Software Association, Bell Canada, Quebecor Media, Rogers Communications, and Shaw Communications. Jessica appeared for two interveners, Music Publishers Canada and Professional Music Publishers Association (APEM).

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