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I cannot stress how pleasantly surprised I am each year by the kindness and humility of the members of the Copyright Society. The Copyright Society is filled with people who are passionate about music, the arts, and all things that touch creativity. This translates to a membership base that is not only lively and fun, but members who are genuinely interested in being lifelong learners and experts in copyright law.


Claire Wheeler Desmond

Senior Counsel, IP & Advertising, Under Armour

Featured Event:
Feb. 9th - 11th

2023 Midwinter Meeting

Join members of the copyright and entertainment communities from across the globe for the Copyright Society's 2023 Midwinter Meeting in sunny Palm Springs, CA! 

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The Copyright Society’s mission is to foster interest in and advance the study and understanding of copyright law in literature, music, art, theater, motion picture, television, computer software, architecture, and other works of authorship, and their distribution through both traditional and new media.

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